Baby FAQs

● Are baby houseplants a good idea?

 Yes, our boutique babies are an easy way to get started with a new plant variety -- and we offer advice on how to propagate them once you have them. This means your baby houseplants can become something special you made all on your own…

● Do I get the one in the photo?

No, but definitely one very similar; maybe even better (if rare plants are listed—over $200—they will have their own photos, as noted in the description)

● Are these newly planted?
Goodness no. We only sell well-rooted babies showing new growth

● Delivery?
Yes, nationwide

● Discounts?
Why not? Buy three or more, get 20% off; this shows up automatically in the checkout

● Shipping costs?
No matter what your order or how big or small it's $10; max items for a single box is 6

● Can we pick our babies up
Yes, from Monstera in Auckland. Allow one day after order. Choose option in checkout

● Where do our babies come from?
All babies come from heaven, you should know that. Seriously though, we grow them ourselves

Do you do refunds?
Yes, any problems, get in touch; courier issues, see below

● How soon will I need to re-pot my baby?
While our babies come in a small pot, it's plenty big enough to continue growing them for several months. You can buy for $1 new 'big baby' pots here, so you'll have just the right size when you want to up-size your plants

● What soil do you use?
We don't use peat or coconut fibre soils, which have poor shelf life. Our premium soils are made by us and are perfect for small houseplants.

Does size vary?
Always, they're plants after all. But our babies come in the same size pot so you won't get anything huge, but you might get something a bit more than what's shown in the photos

● Are all these plants available at Monstera?
We try to keep some to sell at both outlets, so most of the time—except for low volume plants

● When does new stock will arrive?
All the time, but a bit unpredictable, as we're a small outfit and growth is seasonal; in winter, restocking slows down

● What packaging do we use, and what about courier damage?
We use cardboard, specially designed with couriers in mind. If there is damage to the box when it arrives, be sure to keep the courier there while you inspect it